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Crafting the look and feel of The Manja Company

Crafting the look and feel of The Manja Company

Deciding on an accurate visual representation of who we are and what we aim to achieve was no easy feat! Finally, after much discussion, we decided on an eye-pleasing blue and white logo, and 4 cute mascots to represent The Manja Company.

Our mascots are Tookie (Hornbill), Momo (Orangutan), Kiki (Mousedeer) and Sasa (Seladang). As you can see, they are made up of our Malaysian pride and joy; the fauna of our rich and diverse tanah air.

The Manja Company mascots - Tookie (Hornbill), Momo (Orangutan), Kiki (Mousedeer) and Sasa (Seladang)Squad! From left: Tookie, Momo, Kiki, and Sasa - The Manja Company Mascots.

It was quite an interesting creative process, from deciding how they should look like, what their colours should be, to naming them. If you notice, they also range from small to bigger sizes, and this pairs with the range of sizes our Nappies have: S to XL.

P.S. Did you know that our Brand Ambassador Zuliana Eusoff is also our talented graphic designer who magically transformed our aesthetic concepts from wordy descriptions into minimalistic and cuteness-overload visuals?

 More stories to come!

The Manja Company Team

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