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Meet our Brand Ambassador & Ambassador Baby

Meet our Brand Ambassador & Ambassador Baby

Hello there! It’s been just over a month since we launched Nappies by The Manja Company via our website and Shopee account, and we are so thankful for all the support.

As you may already be aware, our Brand Ambassador and Ambassador Baby are Zuliana Eusoff and Hidayat Hezry. Zue, as she is more widely known, is one-half of the singing duo HanixZue. They have garnered rave reviews over their current single, “Alone”, with a beautiful, artistic music video directed by international star Yuna. Zue is an exceptional singer-songwriter, has great personal style, is insightful, humourous, candid, cheerful and friendly. She is also a very dedicated and loving mother to Baby Dayat (as Hidayat is more affectionately known).

Mama Zue whole-heartedly believes in our product, as she had said, “Why spend more when you can save and still get great quality diapers? Nappies by The Manja Company is the way to go,”

If you haven’t already, do watch this video of her review of our Nappies here:

Baby Dayat, as an active toddler exploring and making sense of the world around him, needs to be comfortable at all times; using our Nappies helps him feel exactly that, according to his Mama. Super soft feel, good absorption rate and lovingly-crafted using high quality materials, our Nappies are definitely value for money!

Oh and did you know that Zue is also a talented artist and designer? Our cute Manja Co. mascots were a result of our creative collaboration with her.

Until the next post, do keep supporting us.

Jom jimat bersama The Manja Company! #manjakandompetmu

The Manja Company Team

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