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Our journey

Our journey

The Manja Company (TMC) has been in the making since about 2 years ago. The four of us started on this journey of realizing our entrepreneurial dream: simply, creating an accessible platform wherewith we produce goods of a high quality, and sell them straight to our customers at a price which is super affordable.  Also, to add value to the shopping experience of our consumers without compromising on quality - in short, to “manjakan dompetmu” (‘Pampering your wallet’, so to speak. No burning holes in your wallet buying our goods, yay!)

So what has been going on these last 2 years on our end? Well, we have put in a huge amount of late nights, tossing ideas around, a copious amount of rather detailed research and development as well as ‘manja-lajah’ around some parts of Malaysia, scouting around for the best suppliers. 

Here’s a look at our trip up north in our endeavour to bring you the best quality goods while helping you save up:

Exciting times ahead! We look forward to serving you with our labour of love – we present, Nappies by The Manja Company. Thank you for your support and happy shopping!

The Manja Company Team

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