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Our Mission

The Manja Company was established to

"Manjakan dompetmu!"

by sourcing high quality products at fair prices for you, our beloved community.

The Manja Co. reduces costs unrelated to product quality and passes on the cost savings to Malaysian parents

High Quality Products

High quality standards

We do extensive research and due diligence before selecting our manufacturing partners.

This is to ensure that our products are of a high quality that the majority of consumers would be happy with.

Consistent quality

We are committed to maintaining our high quality standards through rigorous testing of each production batch.

We promise to never fall to the temptation of sacrificing product quality for short-term profits!

Fair Prices

Direct-to-Consumer to reduce supply chain costs

We have cut out all the middlemen and unnecessary layers in the supply chain to minimise the costs of getting our quality products from the factory to you.

Traditional retailers typically factor all those costs into the final retail price.

Passing on the cost savings to consumers

We then pass on these supply chain cost savings to you in the form of lower prices. Quality products for fairer prices compared to traditional retailers.

Let us #manjakandompetmu.


Closer relationship

At The Manja Company, we strive to have a closer relationship with our community of consumers compared to traditional brands and retailers.

Based on our engagement with you, we source on your behalf for products that you need most in your daily life.

Word of mouth marketing

Marketing is one of the largest costs for traditional brands. This cost gets incorporated into retail prices and YOU end up paying for it.

We depend on word of mouth to minimise our marketing costs. Tell all your family and friends about us to enjoy lower prices!