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Video testimonial from our Brand Ambassador Zuliana Eusoff

Selected quotes from our Brand Ambassador Zuliana Eusoff:

"It's soft, it doesn't give him rashes. Look at that! It's so softI'm very particular about the material I put on him because he has eczema (a skin condition)."

"I also saved up A LOT after I started to use Nappies by The Manja Company."

Malaysian Olympics cyclist saves so much by using our Nappies

Josiah Ng reviews Nappies by The Manja Company

Nappies by The Manja Company are highly rated by our customers

The Manja Company's Ratings by our Shopee customers

Our customers on Shopee have given us an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 (as of 19th January 2022).

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Here's what fellow parents are saying about Nappies by The Manja Company

How have we built up our following of LOYAL REPEAT CUSTOMERS?

"Finally my baby gonna wear the last size from The Manja Co 😍😍😍 happy tapi nak nangis jugak rasa 😭 lepas ni maybe terpaksa cari jenama lain dah... huhuhu. Love sangat this product. Baby since lahir sampai sekarang nak 6 months pakai jenama ni. Thanks 😍😍😍😍"

~ Pn. Nor Aini,

"Have been using this diapers since my baby 1 month old (6 months+ now). No rashes and leaking. Affordable. Satisfied. Will continue to buy. Recommended!"

~ En. Syahren,

"Anak nak masuk 6 bulan and still guna brand yang sama sejak dia lahir lagi. Setakat ni tak ada masalah. InshaAllah akan terus guna. Tq ManjaCo."

~ Pn. Athirah,

"Diapers yang memang best! Dah lost count berapa repeat order ni!! Hehe"

~ Pn. Nadzirah,

Our Nappies’ ABSORPTION is perfect for daytime use:

"I was amazed that even when we used the diapers during our Cameron Highlands trip where it was very cold, so my son peed a lot but no leakage. That was about 4-5 hours’ usage, so it is impressive! When I touch the diapers, they feel really soft and thick. I like the colour combination. Overall a good diaper for day usage."

~ Pn. Siti,
Shah Alam

"Gave this brand a try and the quality is VERY satisfying, SUPER SOFT. My 2y.o. son wore the nappy from 11pm to 7am without having the need to change. It was definitely full but it didn’t leak- WHUT?? Only thing is I picked the wrong size. But will def buy this one again."

~ Pn. Natasha,
Bangsar South

"For absorbency memang Aisya sukaaaa. My son poo poo tak bocor macam biasa (bila guna jenama lain). Diaper ni have wide guards tepi kiri kanan tu, agak tebal agak besar la so memang tak bocor. Kelembutan memang best! Sangat-sangat lembut."

~ Pn. Aisya,

"I've been using this diapers since my baby 1 month old. He never has any rashes. The babysitters in his nursery ask me about the diapers as well because they said they never seen his diapers leak and his bum always dry."

~ Pn. Hidayah,
Seri Kembangan

Parents and babies love the SOFTNESS and COMFORT of our Nappies:

"My baby just love this diapers. So soft and light. The "wings" on the side are very wide compared to others. And the best part is it is so soft. Doesn’t bother my sensitive baby skin. MUST TRY! IM A FAN OF THIS DIAPERS 😍😍😍"

~ En. Isa,
Kuala Lumpur

"Absorbency: From my observation, better than [major-brand-name-censored].  
Softness: OMG, this one, big YES!  
 Comfort: YES!! Sangat lah comfort.
Basically for me, material is the most best!"

~ Pn. Sarah,

"I love your design, looks atas a bit tapi so soft and comfy. My girl usually got rashes but none with this diaper."

~ Mrs. Su Yin,

"Love the material, the quality and the softness of this nappy. Suits my baby’s skin. Will definitely buy more! ♥️"

~ Pn. Nurfarzaana,
Shah Alam

It’s so AFFORDABLE, probably the best value for money in Malaysia:

"Diapers ni bagus, nampak plain kosong je, nipis n soft. Semalam bagi anak pakai tidur. Elok takde bau hancing kencing keluar pun dari diapers tu. Dah la MURAH!!! Tak payah dah bazir duit beli diapers mahal2. Murah tapi quality the bomb! Paling suka bau kencing tak keluar dari diapers. Jangan ingat barang murah tak bagus ok. Jimat. Elok la diaper murah, takkan diaper pun nak pakai brand gucci."

~ Pn. Aina,

"Second time purchase. Really satisfied with the product.
Worth every penny
Hoping that The Manja Company will maintain their quality and price so that I can always rely on this product. 🙏"

~ Pn. Nadiah,
Subang Jaya

"Good product quality with reasonable price. Sesuai dengan baby. Harga berpatutan dengan kualiti yang bagus."

~ Pn. Yana,
Port Dickson

"Banyak kali repeat dah sebab memang jimat dan baby pun selesa je pakai pampers ni. 😍"

~ Pn. Hazwani,

We genuinely care about CUSTOMER SERVICE:

"Satisfied customer. Tried to track the parcel, PosLaju made a mistake, posted it to Alor Gajah, contact the seller and seller immediately took action call PosLaju. Effective and efficient. Thats how you entertain customer. 100% satisfied."

~ En. Syahren,

"Alhamdulillah.. first time beli barang dari Shopee yang tersangatlah kemas bungkusan die.. 😍😍😍 terima kasih banyak TMC, service terbaik, produk pun terbaik.. diapers sangat lembut.. ❤️"

~ Pn. Nur Ain,
Ayer Keroh

"Super great service by the team! and i’m really satisfied with the quality 😍 definitely my 1st choice for my baby 🙌🙌 good job The Manja Company."

~ Pn. Nor Izra,
Ulu Tiram

"Servis terbaik. Nappies seperti yang diiklankan. Seller yang responsif dan penghantaran juga cepat. Walaupun sekadar nappies, siap bubble wrapped."

~ En. Fathullah,
Kubang Pasu

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